Director and Photographer Kim Culetto was born in Basel, Switzerland. He was growing up in the village of Ettingen, BL and Trimmis, GR. Throughout his childhood he experimented with a DV camera his parents gave to him. At the age of 19, he wrote and directed his first short film "Goodbye Beloved One" starring his school friends. After an apprenticeship working as a librarian for a few years, he wrote and directed his feature film debut "Bahama Sunrise (2017)".

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Film · Photography · Color Grading · Editing · Cinematography · Music Video · Event · Title Design · Corporate

Clients (selected)

Bundesamt für Gesundheit · Theater Basel · Roamer Watches · Bayard Co. Ltd. · Louis XIV · Joel Cartier Studios · Tim Lüdin GmbH · WIR Bank · Soke-Bags · Basel Dance Academy · Escargot Mag · Baschi · Michèle · Patric Heller · Bleu Roi · Ask Why · Erupdead · Adullam Stiftung · Swisspeace Foundation · Frauen für den Frieden · Pelati Delicati · inMedia Direct Mail Company

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